Life Coaching

At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves stuck, or in a rut. When our own best efforts are not providing the results, we are looking for. This leads us to feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. The longer the situation persists the worse we feel. We may even start to lose hope that we will ever be able to surmount the obstacle in our path or achieve a successful outcome.

You may be facing a transition in your life, an unexpected change or challenge and you feel at a loss and not sure how best to approach this change in your life. Your usual approach, or solutions, are just not working for you this time.

Life Coaching is about shifting us from where we are to where we want to be. It’s about finding a new direction. It’s about moving us through the transition, through the challenge. Life Coaching is about exploring a different approach, a different path, to achieve a different outcome.

This is achieved by learning a new set of skills to manage your challenges. Exploring alternative perspectives together so that we can find the best path for you to take. Our approach is not formula driven; it is guided by you. Where are you at? What is your life context? What is the best fit for you?

Because our approach is about who you are and where you are at, that is where our Life Coaching process starts, with you telling your story and what you want to achieve in your Life Coaching journey. We don’t dwell on the past, but the past provides context and texture for your life story and informs our perspective.

Our focus will be on the immediate challenges you’re facing and a suitable path to achieving your Life Coaching goals.

Usually, the Life Coaching journey spans between 6 to 12 sessions but can be as short as 2 sessions. In order to maintain a beneficial momentum, it is best to set appointments at regular intervals.

The overall objective of my Life Coaching programme is self-mastery. My aim is to journey with you for a period, but always with the aim that you will become self-reliant and empowered to deal with future challenges as a result of the practical tools and techniques, you will have learned during your Life Coaching journey.

Stuck in a rut with the same things coming up? Reach out now! Let’s chat about getting you back on track!