In Search of Balance

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Balance is essentially a dynamic ongoing process.

Too often we strive for stasis – “when everything works perfectly, then I will be okay”. So, we work very hard to reach that point where there are no physical discomforts and there is nothing on the to-do list in our work, relationship or emotional world.

But stasis is sterile. It means that we have come to a stop – that no growth or change is happening.

Balance, on the other hand, is about making active adjustments on a continuous basis – moment by moment, day by day.

And, what’s more, balance is about being okay with this process!

When we strive for stasis it is easy to also become attached to the ideal of the one, simple, complete solution. We then apply dietary or healthy living guidelines as rigid rules. We don’t observe our bodies as they go through their cycles, nor do we adapt to our ever-changing inner and outer circumstances.

Too often I hear clients blaming themselves in unforgiving tones“It’s my fault I got flu/a bladder infection/you fill in the blank here”. The truth is maybe you did overdo things, and maybe you did not manage your stress or health perfectly, but maybe you also needed the participation of an opportunistic microbe to create the illness!

When we oversimplify ideas, guidelines and knowledge into rigid principles and rules, we treat ourselves and our world harshly. Worse, we stop thinking and that prevents us from adapting and finding creative solutions to our current challenges.

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